NO I’m done with bitches saying that was a shitty ending, the two episodes showed Effy as the responsible adult, but the fucking smile at the end was the indication that the REAL BADASS teenage motherfucking Effy Stonem is still in there. it’s not just some random ass oh yay i’m going to prison smile, it’s an ‘I’m Effy fucking Stonem and I can handle the death of my best friend and prison because I have been through so much shit in my life already, come the fuck at me’ smile


OKAy where the fuck is the Cannes Festival program i’ve been waiting SO LONG for this. But if they waste spots on big Hollywood films its a slap in the face to the point of Cannes, like come on they should be helping unknown filmmakers and true European arthouse heroes. if they waste a spot on Catching Fire like I’ve heard they might I will be SUPER PISSeD (I love the hunger games but this is not the place, it does not need any extra publicity)

I want me some Von Trier, some Xavier Dolan, some Nicolas Winding Refn, some Steve McQueen and some NEW filmmakers to look forward to


why does no one like Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere? Her ability to make the audience feel as isolated and lonely as the protagonist is a commendable effort. her long silent shots are used so well, and elle fanning was great in her way of demonstrating her emotions in subtlety. so many people think she’s lost her touch in comparison to Lost In Translation, but that merely had a better screenplay. she has not lost her touch, if anything she’s improved and parting more and more from film conventions to explore make her own.

oh my god guys i just got La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc and The 400 Blows and I can’t even watch it because I have so many sacs coming up and I have to study.